El Olivo Calafell

Author and creative restaurant
Made in Calafell

El Olivo, born from a hotel group of young people excited and eager to impact, bringing fresh and different airs, united by the same vision and the same feeling.
Its history begins at the El Olivo Restaurant on the Calafell promenade, impressed by the majesty of the CENTRAL OLIVE OWN in the middle of the interior room, creating an atmosphere of peace, and serenity, hence the name of the restaurant and group.

A highlight of its premises is that in all you can appreciate the essence of the sea breeze due to its proximity, for this group the sea is a key element that represents the living water in which

It is constantly changing, in which it flows, as well as life itself, in which there are processes of storms but others full of calm and peace.

These restaurants have great capacities both inside and outside (terrace) ideal for events, celebrations, weddings, business dinners etc but without forgetting to spoil the customer every day. Therefore, during the week we have a very affordable daily menu and weekend menu.

Our cuisine is characterized by being Mediterranean and creative, using fresh market products and trying to give the best to the customer.

The work philosophy we have in the company is to form human teams, and not see the customer as a simple number, but dedicating time, pampering and trying to make a difference, since each person is unique and exclusive.

Come visit us, we will be happy to assist you !!!

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